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>City Hall Trip

Posted: August 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

>Visited at City Hall today. Talked with the Health Inspector who gave us the Health Code regulations. Spent the afternoon reading it. Also, visited with the Building Department and the State Revenue Office. Met some really nice people. It seems right now that we will not have to meet any requirements with the Building Department if we do not perform any construction in the Ice Cream shop or the meeting room. We don’t think we’ll need to do any construction at first. Second, we’ll not have to get any liscense from the State Revenue department as we are not charging any money for the ice cream. Finally, the Health Department rules are pretty straightforward and since the shop is already set up to pass a health inspection, we will have a fairly easy time meeting all the requirements.

Also, toured the mall with Pastor Josh and Jeff Whitstruck. Looked at a few potential meeting spots. Got all excited about the Ice Cream and Answers shop. If you get a chance to go the Mall of the Bluffs, stop by the empty ice cream shop across from the kiddie playground and pray for the ministry.

Also, we are putting together our Prayer Team. If you would like to be on the team, send me an e-mail or post a comment here.


>Visited with the Mall manager last Monday to view spaces for our meetings. There were three different rooms; one to small, one large enough with a really cool look but divided into too small sections, and one that would be sufficient for a little while. We’ll take a couple of people to look at the spaces this week to get some different opinions. Also, began self-study of Basic Training for Church Planters. Today’s study was on Prayer. The lesson was about the importance of person prayer, like having a quiet time and a daily time of intercessory prayer. The church planter should also recruit a team of personal intercessory prayers. These people will comit to daily prayer for the ministry and the specific needs the church planter passes on to them. I will put together some instructions and details and then recruit a prayer team. This is crucial to the church start.

>The Vision of the Church Start

Posted: August 15, 2009 in Uncategorized

>It seems that getting your hands around this concept of church is difficult. I know that most of the time when I mention “church start” to someone they immediately see in their minds a building somewhere and they see people sitting in the pews singing and listening to preaching. Unfortunatly, nothing from my mouth after the words “church start” resemble this vision. So let me further clarify this “church start.” We will form a church, a group of people, called from the world, who have been born again by the Spirit of God and baptized into the Body of Christ and meet together regularly for fellowship, teaching and ministry. However, we are not using the traditional approach to this. First, we want to church to meet in the “marketplace.” By “marketplace” we mean the spot where the people all seem to hangout and do stuff. The Mall is very popular as a place to hangout and do stuff. So we have our meetings in the mall, but more importantly, we minister in the mall. Let’s unpack “minister.” As we look at Jesus’ ministry we find him healing people physically (none of us can do this), we also find him loving people, teaching people, helping people, and pointing people to faith in himself and God. (We can do this).

So, how do we connect with people? We offer them something that fills a need. I always need ice cream (I’m hoping others feel as I do) and everyone is looking for answers. They are asking questions and seeking advice and we, the church, possess connection with God and God’s Word and therefore we can get them the answers. They just need a place to ask the question.

Ice Cream and Answers will be staffed by two ice cream servers and at least one knowledgeable question answerer. These people will smile, be friendly, talk, and serve ice cream to everyone who asks, they answer person will be friendly, welcoming and helpful. He/She will give at least one piece of awesome advice and then a brochure that directs the person to more help. This brochure will have at least one piece of awesome advice and information about an upcoming presentation that covers the topic.

People are looking for answers. I’m confident we will be overun and have a difficult time keeping up. But, we are the church, we are the hope of this world. Let’s jump into the middle of this world and show them the hope that is in Christ Jesus.

>Final Class

Posted: August 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

>Completed The Leadership Conference and all required reports and now am officially finished with all requirements for my M. Div. Also, spent all day Monday being interviewed for Baptist Convention of Iowa and North Amercian Mission Board approval. Both events were very enjoyable.

>Reasonable Rent

Posted: August 5, 2009 in Church Planting at Sojourn

>Today was a great day. Visited the Mall Manager, Mr. Karre, and talked about renting a space for our church. We discussed the Ice Cream and Answers concept and the ice cream shop near the kid’s playground. It is about 650 square feet and in a really good spot. We talked about the different leasing/renting options and etc. Mr. Karre said we could get the spot for around $500 per month and that we should plan to start around 1 November in time for the Christmas shopping season. He also said we’d have to have it open the entire time the mall is open, which is about 70 hours per week. He was very helpful with some awesome suggestions. We also talked about possible meeting places but did not look at anything or get a price. We have a follow up meeting the week of August 17.

Spent most of the morning working on a paper outlining the vision.

“People get into their grooves and never want to change. They have their issues and needs, and it seems “turning to the church” never crosses their minds. We are in a culture that does not look to the church for help or answers. We provide the help and answers but they don’t know to come to our building and ask. We’ll put the church in the middle of the people, where the people see them every day, where the church offers help and answer in the place people are looking.”

– Possible November 1 start date for ministry
– People to run Ice Cream and Answers for a total of 70 hours per week
– Continued blessings from God