>Reasonable Rent

Posted: August 5, 2009 in Church Planting at Sojourn

>Today was a great day. Visited the Mall Manager, Mr. Karre, and talked about renting a space for our church. We discussed the Ice Cream and Answers concept and the ice cream shop near the kid’s playground. It is about 650 square feet and in a really good spot. We talked about the different leasing/renting options and etc. Mr. Karre said we could get the spot for around $500 per month and that we should plan to start around 1 November in time for the Christmas shopping season. He also said we’d have to have it open the entire time the mall is open, which is about 70 hours per week. He was very helpful with some awesome suggestions. We also talked about possible meeting places but did not look at anything or get a price. We have a follow up meeting the week of August 17.

Spent most of the morning working on a paper outlining the vision.

“People get into their grooves and never want to change. They have their issues and needs, and it seems “turning to the church” never crosses their minds. We are in a culture that does not look to the church for help or answers. We provide the help and answers but they don’t know to come to our building and ask. We’ll put the church in the middle of the people, where the people see them every day, where the church offers help and answer in the place people are looking.”

– Possible November 1 start date for ministry
– People to run Ice Cream and Answers for a total of 70 hours per week
– Continued blessings from God


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