>The Vision of the Church Start

Posted: August 15, 2009 in Uncategorized

>It seems that getting your hands around this concept of church is difficult. I know that most of the time when I mention “church start” to someone they immediately see in their minds a building somewhere and they see people sitting in the pews singing and listening to preaching. Unfortunatly, nothing from my mouth after the words “church start” resemble this vision. So let me further clarify this “church start.” We will form a church, a group of people, called from the world, who have been born again by the Spirit of God and baptized into the Body of Christ and meet together regularly for fellowship, teaching and ministry. However, we are not using the traditional approach to this. First, we want to church to meet in the “marketplace.” By “marketplace” we mean the spot where the people all seem to hangout and do stuff. The Mall is very popular as a place to hangout and do stuff. So we have our meetings in the mall, but more importantly, we minister in the mall. Let’s unpack “minister.” As we look at Jesus’ ministry we find him healing people physically (none of us can do this), we also find him loving people, teaching people, helping people, and pointing people to faith in himself and God. (We can do this).

So, how do we connect with people? We offer them something that fills a need. I always need ice cream (I’m hoping others feel as I do) and everyone is looking for answers. They are asking questions and seeking advice and we, the church, possess connection with God and God’s Word and therefore we can get them the answers. They just need a place to ask the question.

Ice Cream and Answers will be staffed by two ice cream servers and at least one knowledgeable question answerer. These people will smile, be friendly, talk, and serve ice cream to everyone who asks, they answer person will be friendly, welcoming and helpful. He/She will give at least one piece of awesome advice and then a brochure that directs the person to more help. This brochure will have at least one piece of awesome advice and information about an upcoming presentation that covers the topic.

People are looking for answers. I’m confident we will be overun and have a difficult time keeping up. But, we are the church, we are the hope of this world. Let’s jump into the middle of this world and show them the hope that is in Christ Jesus.


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