>Prayer is the soil of a church plant – some guy

Posted: August 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

>Visited with the Mall manager last Monday to view spaces for our meetings. There were three different rooms; one to small, one large enough with a really cool look but divided into too small sections, and one that would be sufficient for a little while. We’ll take a couple of people to look at the spaces this week to get some different opinions. Also, began self-study of Basic Training for Church Planters. Today’s study was on Prayer. The lesson was about the importance of person prayer, like having a quiet time and a daily time of intercessory prayer. The church planter should also recruit a team of personal intercessory prayers. These people will comit to daily prayer for the ministry and the specific needs the church planter passes on to them. I will put together some instructions and details and then recruit a prayer team. This is crucial to the church start.

  1. Anonymous says:

    >This is very exciting! A different kind of outreach than the norm and way cool, just the kind of ministry one might suspect God would use you in Jim. If we can pray for ya'll other than in general ways let us know. My husband and I would love to lift you up!! Praise Jesus for another way to reach the lost. Jamie

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