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>Church Start Trailer

Posted: September 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

>Excited about this week. We’ll get our quotes for the signs over our store in the mall. Plus I should get the brochures completed. Last week I visited Calvary Baptist Church in Glenwood and spent some time with the pastor. We also inventoried the associational church start trailer. We will be able to use this trailer which has all brand new equipment. There are 50 folding chairs, six tables, a decent electric keyboard, amplifier, two speakers and a mixer board. There is a projector and laptop computer. There is also two baby cribs and some new toys. We have almost all the equipment we need for our public worship services.


>Mistake Repair

Posted: September 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

>I have mistakenly called the group from Arkansas the NW Arkansas Baptist Association. They are actually the Washington Madison Baptist Association. Harry Black, the Director of Missions for the Association sent an e-mail yesterday encouraging us and letting us know that they will send money to purchase our ice cream freezer and they want to send a team up to do some work. We are extremely grateful to these folks and all they ask is that I get their name right. So look, they are the Washington Madison Baptist Association.

>Space Available

Posted: September 19, 2009 in Uncategorized

>About 35 people came out to the Recruiting Presentation on Sunday. It was exciting to see this many people interested in working with the new start. Of these, about 20 signed up to help with Ice Cream and Answers and various other efforts. On Monday we toured the spaces. The mall manager was not available so one of the security guards took us around. We shared our idea with him and he was very excited about it. On Thursday, Pastor Steve, Chuck Kizer – Pastor of Ridgecrest Baptist Church, and Pastor Steve’s father-in-law hung out at the mall with me. We toured the spaces again and there was quite a bit of enthusiasm all around. We spoke with the mall manager who wasn’t quite sure what the cost would be yet, but the number he mentioned (in the ballpark) would be affordable. We are ready to make a deal and sign a contract by the end of the month. I also put together a schedule for our seminars and worship gatherings. We will begin having weekly Bible Study meetings the first week of October. Stay tuned.


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>Looked around the mall for a suitable meeting space and found it! We are looking at a space across from Old Navy that has about 3000 square feet and great lighting. This space is perfect for everything we plan to do. The manager is working up a cost and will let us know by Friday. Pray that the cost is affordable.

>Accomplished much…

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>We had a good couple of days. Met with three Council Bluffs pastors on Tuesday morning at the Lewis and Clark Memorial. We had a great prayer time and fellowship. These three pastors have a great heart for people and a desire to reach the people of Council Bluffs. Also, spent the afternoon with Chuck Kizer, pastor of Ridgecrest Baptist Church in CB talking about the new church and how we can work together. I spent today gathering information about ice cream distributors in town. Tomorrow, I’ll settle on a distributor and possibly set up a deal. I also looked at an ice cream freezer for the store. BTW, the freezer is called an ice cream dipping station/freezer. Also, tomorrow we’ll attempt to get a good price on a space at the mall for our meetings. There is a lot of little details to finish, but this is really fun. I’m having a great time sharing the vision with folks, and many are equally excited. Keep us in your prayers. Events are going great.

>Prayer Team Established

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>I’m mostly finished with three of the four Presentations we’ll use to minister to the people at the mall. We’ll have a presentation on saving your marriage, raising children, and dealing with teenagers. I haven’t put together the presentation for teens dealing with life yet. We also organized our Prayer Team this past week with 31 people/families. I’m really excited about this and am very glad that these people will be praying daily for the work. This week I hope to set up our supplier for our ice cream and supplies. On September 13, Sunday afternoon, we’ll give a presentation at LifeSpring Church to give the people a good overview of the vision and the various levels of involvement for people We’ll have ice cream also. People can be involved in this church start in a variety of ways. First, serving at the ice cream stand will be very important. This is our initial contact with the community. A smiling face and free ice cream is a great way to meet people. I think folks want to talk and meet others, they even want to talk about their issues and their spiritual lives. The ice cream gives them an opportunity. People may want to just be a part of the plant for a few months, getting the early stages set up, inviting folks in and ministering. Some people may want to just be part of the crowd during the worship services. Some people may want to be on the ground floor of the whole project and be on the core team. These folks will have a load of work to do. This work is coming along great and right on time. Please continue to pray.