>Prayer Team Established

Posted: September 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

>I’m mostly finished with three of the four Presentations we’ll use to minister to the people at the mall. We’ll have a presentation on saving your marriage, raising children, and dealing with teenagers. I haven’t put together the presentation for teens dealing with life yet. We also organized our Prayer Team this past week with 31 people/families. I’m really excited about this and am very glad that these people will be praying daily for the work. This week I hope to set up our supplier for our ice cream and supplies. On September 13, Sunday afternoon, we’ll give a presentation at LifeSpring Church to give the people a good overview of the vision and the various levels of involvement for people We’ll have ice cream also. People can be involved in this church start in a variety of ways. First, serving at the ice cream stand will be very important. This is our initial contact with the community. A smiling face and free ice cream is a great way to meet people. I think folks want to talk and meet others, they even want to talk about their issues and their spiritual lives. The ice cream gives them an opportunity. People may want to just be a part of the plant for a few months, getting the early stages set up, inviting folks in and ministering. Some people may want to just be part of the crowd during the worship services. Some people may want to be on the ground floor of the whole project and be on the core team. These folks will have a load of work to do. This work is coming along great and right on time. Please continue to pray.


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