>The Space at the Mall

Posted: October 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

>We have not settled on a space for our meetings in the mall quite yet. We’ve looked at many spaces and discussed the good and bad of each. Mr. Karre (Mall of the Bluffs Manager) and I have logged several miles walking around and looking at spaces. We had one in mind but someone else had dibs on it before me and they finally came through and claimed it. We’ve looked at a few others and today, we found the perfect spot and settled on it. It’s the old Famous Footwear spot across from Old Navy. It has about a million square feet and an extra room in the back (dodge ball size). This place should meet all our needs for space, availability, and keeping the noise down. Mr. Karre is getting the numbers and the paperwork ready. Pray that this works out, please.


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