>This week in church starting…

Posted: October 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

>Last night, LifeSpring’s financial committee approved a large sum of money for our church start. Earlier in the day we submitted all our paperwork to the mall to lease the spaces. The cooporation that owns the mall now must have a couple of meetings to discuss this rental agreement. We’ll know Friday their decision. If all goes well we can start moving in and fixing things on the 19th of October (or sometimes near that). We’ll have our inspection from the health department on October 30th. I looked at the freezers and they are in great shape (about $4000 worth of equipment on the used market). Pastor Pat Smolen, his son Chris Smolen and I drove down to Glenwood to look closely at the sound equipment and Pastor Pat was pleased. He thinks we’ll only need to purchase a couple of items, on being a “stage snake.” (I’m not sure if he’s just pulling my leg – sort of like 50 ft of flightline or a can of “prop wash”). Our dry run with the Marriage Seminar went very well with several people with the gift of criticism coming out and providing probably the best constructive criticism ever. Next Monday we’ll have a dry run of the Raising Children seminar. I’m really looking forward to the feedback.


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