>That’s a lot of Ice Cream

Posted: October 20, 2009 in Uncategorized


On Wednesday we’ll officially sign our lease for two spaces in the Mall of the Bluffs! We’ll have nine days to get ready for the Grand Opening, but we can do it. Most of the preparation has been completed.

On October 28, I’ll speak briefly at Grace University to recruit students to help in Ice Cream and Answers. The school organization Grace World Outreach has adopted us for their November ministry project. I’m excited about working with these students. They will be a great blessing.

I’m grateful to the many people who have volunteered to operate the Ice Cream shop. This will be an amazing ministry.

We spoke at Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Council Bluffs on Sunday and had a great time. Pastor Chuck Kizer and several of the Ridgecrest people went to the Mall with us for lunch and we toured the spaces and talked about our vision. They were as excited as we were. I’m looking forward to a great ministry working with the folks at Ridgecrest.

This week I’ll order 63 gallons of ice cream, 2500 cones and a few napkins. Awesome!


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