>Health Department Inspection

Posted: November 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

>This has been a very busy few days. We got the keys to the spaces and immediately began to clean and fix items. We ran into a few snags but it seems we have everything running smoothly. Tomorrow (THursday) is the Health Department Inspection. A special Thanks to those who helped clean Ice Cream and Answers; Paul Parker and his friend from Grace University, Tom worked very hard on cleaning. John DePauw, L’Kay Ruiz, and Linda Blair put in several hours cleaning. Steve Lovett scraped grease off the floor until his chest hurt and Jon Meade and Anthony McLaughlin put the finishing touches on the place by scrubbing the floor spotless. Thanks folks.

Also this week, Kevin Crowe worked very hard (injured shoulder) trying to make my plan to create a menu board on the cheap work. Thanks, Kevin.

Right now, the space is ready to for inspection. We get our first shipment of Ice Cream on Friday. Also, tomorrow morning Travis Hamilton is coming in to professionally clean the carpet at the space we are using for Sojourn.

Several people have stopped me in the mall inquiring about the stores. They are very receptive to our plans and look forward to the ice cream.

The big piece of the health inspection is an oral quiz that I have to pass. I’ll spend the morning studying the regulations.


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