>Grand Opening

Posted: November 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

>The Grand Opening was awesome! We started at about 2.30 PM with a brief ceremony in sojourn (our meeting space) then the entire crowd (about 150 people) moved down to the ice cream stand. It was amazing. We cut the ribbon and caused a lot of commotion. Our four ice cream scoopers began scooping at lightning speed and gave out about 300 cones in less than one hour. Cindy and Darrell Payne, Jennifer Petitte, and Sharon Ingram were like a blur building cones for people. Scott Price couldn’t stand it any longer (he used to own an Ice Cream store) so he and Jacquie jumped in and helped also. Thanks for all the help.

We talked with quite a few people. Most were surprised that we were giving away cones for free. We did get to talk a little about our seminars and our purpose. Toward the end of the day (around 4:30 to 6pm) the crowds died down and it looked like one or two people could handle the crowd. We had a lot of conversations with people.

We ordered more ice cream tonight and we hope we’ll have enough to last all week. Tomorrow we have our first seminar; Drama-Free Marriage. Please pray that it goes well.


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