>What an awesome day!

Posted: November 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

>Today was our first full day. It was everything I thought it would be. The first two hours we gave out three cones (one to my wife) and Chris and I sat around and had a great time talking. After noon, more people began to come by and the mall got a little more busy. Most people were just amazed that we were giving away ice cream cones (it is crazy)and it took a while for them to trust that there was no catch. We gave away about 220 cones by the end of the day. We pleasantly conversed with lots of people. We had meaningful conversations with several people. I spoke with several couples interested in the workshops and in our church. I had a great conversation with a group of teenagers and a rather long talk with a young man about his upcoming wedding. Overall, we connected well with the community, talked to a lot of people of church (they brought it up) and generally did some great ministry. Here’s a great story from day one. Two teenage girls came by, totally skeptical about whether the ice cream was free. After a couple of passes they engaged us about the whole concept. We gave them some ice cream and joked about “answers.” They left and three minutes later came back with a friend. We got the friend some ice cream and talked some more. They left and a few minutes later came back with about five more people. We got more ice cream and talked some more. Soon, after seconds, we gathered together in the front and talked about ice cream and answers, parents, and church. It was a really awesome day.


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