>In the Zone

Posted: November 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

>This ministry is totally in my zone. As you know, I am really awkward about talking to people uninvited. So we put up a sign to spark a conversation and give away some ice cream and…ta daaaaa….I can converse with everyone. We are making a lot of friends, talking about a lot of issues and generally “making their day.” One awesome spiritual growth benefit is that I am learning to patiently wait for God to move on others. I know that many people just walk by Ice Cream and Answers and never realize that we have free ice cream. I want to yell out to them, but I’ve discovered that the price isn’t secret, it’s on the sign, and God can and does “reveal” it to people. So the folks who come by are people whom the Lord is moving toward us (and toward Jesus). So we smile and wait and treat every “customer” like the entire interaction is a divine and miraculous event.

This culture loves experiences and accidently running across something new and exciting is a real thrill for everyone. This is why we are not trying to get in the paper and have turned down at least one television interview…we want to keep the surprise for people.

We have been able to give advice to many people, we’ve talked about our faith in Jesus and was even able to share the entire Gospel with a fellow this week. God is really do something with this ministry.


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