>800 Cones

Posted: November 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

>800 cones in one day. Black Friday was a very busy day, but not overwhelming for us. All the day long we had an awesome staff serving the people. In fact, there were times when some of us were just standing around. However, we did have some wonderful conversations with people and many asked about our purpose and mission. We talked about helping people and the new church. Darrell was able to have a pointed discussion about Jesus with a fellow who asked. We are developing good relationships with people as we saw many “repeat customers” come back and engage us in more direct conversations. Most people are surprised and delighted with this project. Everyone loves ice cream. We are anxious for the weekly church worship gatherings to start.

In a not-anticipated-development, the mall has Christmas hours which are different from now but not consistent. We’ll have to modify our work schedule. People generally do not eat much ice cream before noon, even though the mall will open at 9AM on some days. We’ll still have to have the store open. Some nights the mall will be open until 10PM. Monday through Friday seems to stay the same (10AM to 9PM) with some changes the week of Christmas.


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