>Web Site Up and Running

Posted: December 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

>We have been so very busy. Right now, we have the Ice Cream and Answers web site running and the workshops loaded. I’m still working on the audio for the Raising Children Workshop but the others are online. We’ve also loaded a written version of each workshop online. We’ve not had one person attend any “live” version of the workshops, though many people are interested and almost everyone knows someone who needs it. We think it is a better use of our time and resources to offer these online and then do a monthly “live” version. Check out the site and look at the workshops. Now for the excuses; the sun was in my eyes, I never learned to read, I really try to have good grammar, I said it right – that’s just my accent, spell check must be broken, I can’t hear you I have an ice cream cone in my ear. Thanks.



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