Posted: December 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

>We’ve put our workshops online and have begun sending people to the web site instead of the workshop. We think people will be more likely to check out the web site than go to a workshop. We will continue to put information on the web. I’m finalizing a brochure for the church start and awaiting the brochure paper from OUTREACH. We’ll print these and start giving them out this week.

This next week will be extremely tough for this ministry as it is the final week before Christmas, the mall is open for 14 hours per day, and most of us have a lot to do that last week. So, we’ll be busy and some of our staff will not be able to make it. So keep praying for us.

We’ve learned that God moves people to connect them with us. We do really great ministry when we are patient and wait for the Spirit to prompt them to talk and ask questions. We’ve found that God sometimes sends people who just happen to connect well with the personality of the person dipping their ice cream. We’re seeing God do some marvelous work here.

Now, one frustration is that sometimes I want to jump ahead of God. I give away 50 cones with no one inquiring about our purpose and I think that I’m just giving away cones and doing nothing for the kingdom of God. Then someone begins to ask questions and before you know it we are doing ministry. I have to remember to wait on God to lead and move people.


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