>A Typical Day

Posted: December 19, 2009 in Uncategorized

>What does a typical encounter look like. What is the collision of an ice cream cone and the will of God feel like? First time visitors are generally excited that they have discovered something new and interesting. They smile, are enthusiastic, sometimes they are confused but pleased. They question the “freeness” of the ice cream. “Really?” Then they ask “Why is it free?” Our answer is “Because we like you.” We really like them. Then they’ll ask “What are the answers?” Or “what about the answers part?” or “what else do you do?” Our standing rule is that we answer all questions, but we only answer their questions. We are following the cultural rule of not “shoving religion down their throats.” If they ask, they are inviting the conversation so it is permissible to discuss. So we wait and let them ask and we answer everything. We do follow another rule of our own. We don’t jump ahead with the answer. Many people will stereotype us if they hear “church” too soon in the conversation. We do not lie or deceive, we just don’t give a generic “church” as the answer to any question, we spell it out for them. Who are you people? “Church.” What answer is that to someone who either doesn’t know about the church or has a negative view of church? We are a group of people who want to help people with their relationship issues. Where do you get your money? “Church.” No, we shared our idea with several churches, organizations and people who all pitched in an gave us the money to stay open to the end of the year. Once people discover that “we know stuff” they will then mention a problem or situation posed as a question. We try to answer the question. We know the real answer will take some time and that we are not getting all the information, but we want to give them some hope that their issue is fixable. We give biblical advice without the bible reference and if we need to discuss spiritual matters, we’ll warn them ahead of time to get permission to go forward. This has proven to be very effective in engaging people in complicated spiritual matters without offending them.


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