>Current plan….

Posted: December 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

>We will work the ice cream and answers until we run out of ice cream between the 29 and 31st. Then we will take a break to prepare for the church start. I’ll take an actual vacation from 1 to 4 January. We’ll spend the 5th through the 16th getting everything ready for that big first worship gathering. The band will work like crazy to get their song sets under control We’ll plan the worship time, we’ll finalize the small groups and other ministry. We’ll get our greeters smiling and every other detail we can imagine under control. On the 16th of January we’ll have a prayer meeting at sojourn at 7pm. We’ll also be asking for help those two weeks.

Right now, I know we need some more items. We’ll need a 24 channel, 150ft stage snake (if you have a spare), we’ll need to carpet our stage and repair a patch or two along the walls. We’ll need some stage lights, some music cables, four café tables with chairs, and a couch/loveseat combo that looks really good.


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