>Lessons Learned Part 1

Posted: December 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

>We’ve closed Ice Cream and Answers for a couple of weeks while we prepare for our Launch. While I’m preparing, I thought I’d blog some thoughts and lessons we’ve picked up over the past 51 days. Today is an easy one…
People are generally very polite. It became evident quickly that many parent’s efforts to teach their children manners was effective. Most teenagers naturally said please and thank you. Most adults the same and younger children, of course, were prompted by their parents. What does this tell us? First, parents should be encouraged that their efforts will pay off. They should continue to train thier children. Second, teens are polite and the uncivilized savage kingdom we all felt was coming will be held off for at least another generation. Third, adults, know that the next generation is going well in this area. It was the rare instance when a teen did not say “thank you” upon receiving a free ice cream cone. Most teens were friendly, polite, and smiling. Granted, we are giving away free ice cream, but the ability is there. Be encouraged.


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