>Lessons Learned Part 2

Posted: December 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

>Following the plan was the challenge. We knew that the culture required that we not “push” our religion. We decided that we would not initiate conversations, we would simply answer questions. We answered all questions but did not offer information that the people didn’t request. Now, we say we didn’t but we did. On several occasions and overzealous ice cream dipper would give way to much information too fast. For instance, a customer would ask “why are you doing this?” The correct answer is “because we like you.” But the overzealous dipper would sometimes jump right to the most important item in thier mind, the church start. “We are starting a church…” Then they would proceed to give a load of unsolicited information. The customer responded with a polite, but bored, stare and then wandered off. When we stuck with the plan, answer only those questions asked and avoid phrases that incite stereotypes (We get the money from our church), people were attentive and inquisitive and interested.

Often, after giving out my 100th cone without any interest in “answered” I would begin to question the whole idea. Am I just wasting God’s money here, giving out ice cream only. I would be tempted to bullhorn the “answers” to the crowd, but then God would demonstrate his awesomeness by sending someone who really needed some help. We would have an awesome discussion about a situation in his/her life and provide some great advice. It was all worth it.

The majority of people to stop and ask indepth questions were female. Some men did ask questions for advice, but the women were more detailed and spent longer talking.


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