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>Ice Cream and Answers

Posted: January 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

>We are keeping Ice Cream and Answers for a while. I beleive it is the best ministry I’ve been able to do in a while. This past week gave out around 1000 ice cream bars. (We switched to bars on sticks because they are easier to hand out and less expensive). We were friendly and spoke nicely with each person. However, some people ask questions and look for advice. We consider these really good ministry opportunities. Last week we had 40 really good ministry opportunites. Of these 40 we shared the Gospel with four. We gave advice on dating, fixing a fight in the marriage, just listened as people unburdening themselves, helped some college students with homework, helped some parents teach manners to their children, talked about marriage, child raising, and religion to a few people. It was a really good week of ministry.

We’ve changed the schedule so that we are there only around 25 hours per week.

The shop is costing us around $200 per week. If we use these figures from one week. We used $208 of ice cream (nine cases – 1080 bars), we talked with 40 people and shared the Gospel with 4. I’m trying to figure a way people can give to this ministry easily. Right now, people will have to mail a check to LifeSpring Church, 13904 S. 36th St. Bellevue, Nebraska 68123 and mark it for Ice Cream and Answers or sojourn church.


>Launch Day

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>We had our first public worship service yesterday, January 17, 2010 at 10.30am in the Mall of the Bluffs. Many people commented that it was a good worship time. We met some new people and were excited that some of the people we met in the mall were there. 57 people were there inside the room with anotherer four outside the door, in the hall looking in. We were really excited that George and Mildred drove all the way up from Arkansas to be with us on launch day.
The band opened us with “Because of your Love.” At the end of the song we said hi and noted that this was the first public service, then we had the entire group get in clumps and say hi and state how much ice cream they ate prior to today. We then sang “Your Grace is Enough” and “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us.” we broke up in groups again and shared prayer concerns and prayed for one another. Then we sang “Our Great Savior.” I told the story of the woman caught in adultery from three viewpoints; that of the woman, of the religious leader, and of Jesus. We gave everyone a rock and we used it as an illustration throughout the message. The main point was that Jesus did not come to condemn, but to save. We finished the message with a few worship stations to help seal the points. Then we all sang “From the Inside Out” and prayed together to close the worship gathering.
Everything worked well. Linda and Jacquie set up a great snack table, all the core group was very friendly; saying hi and shaking hands with everyone. The band had a technical glitch before the worship gathering but were able to get it fixed in time. The room looked and smelled great and everyone was in a great mood.
Overall, I was nervous about everything so even though I really enjoyed the worship time, I was too stressed to be totally engaged throughout. Everyone said I preached well.
I at lunch then hung out at Ice Cream and Answers the rest of the day.

>Lessons Learned Part 3

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>Most people were not interested in spiritual issues at this point. Many wanted to discuss raising their child, almost all joked that it was impossible to understand a teenager, and a few would discuss marriage issues. We did have a lot of people joking about “what’s my pupose” and “who am I?” It took a while for me to come up with a great answer to these questions. I was afraid that the only answer I had was about Jesus and that we would frighten them too soon. so we “played it off” when they asked (of course, they were joking most of the time.) We did have on a few occaisions a serious question along these lines and I was so conditioned to joke it off I blew the opportunity to respond intelligently. Finally, we decided that we would warn people ahead of time if they asked. They would ask “what is my purpose?” and we would reply, “It is a spiritual answer, do you want it?” They then had the option of moving on or continuing. One person said “no thanks’ but the rest wanted an answer. We would say “your purpose is to know and have a relationship with God, then be all He has created you to be.”

We had the most trouble with these two answers. The people were not ready for spiritual answers or didn’t know what to do with it when we answered. OR we were expecting church-style responses and we had a serious communication failure in the conversations.

Several of our conversations did cover spiritual topics and we were able to share the good news about Jesus to a few people. We talked about forgiveness with some people and talked about the Christian life with a few. Many believers came by to check us out and we were able to share and encourage one another.