>Ice Cream and Answers

Posted: January 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

>We are keeping Ice Cream and Answers for a while. I beleive it is the best ministry I’ve been able to do in a while. This past week gave out around 1000 ice cream bars. (We switched to bars on sticks because they are easier to hand out and less expensive). We were friendly and spoke nicely with each person. However, some people ask questions and look for advice. We consider these really good ministry opportunities. Last week we had 40 really good ministry opportunites. Of these 40 we shared the Gospel with four. We gave advice on dating, fixing a fight in the marriage, just listened as people unburdening themselves, helped some college students with homework, helped some parents teach manners to their children, talked about marriage, child raising, and religion to a few people. It was a really good week of ministry.

We’ve changed the schedule so that we are there only around 25 hours per week.

The shop is costing us around $200 per week. If we use these figures from one week. We used $208 of ice cream (nine cases – 1080 bars), we talked with 40 people and shared the Gospel with 4. I’m trying to figure a way people can give to this ministry easily. Right now, people will have to mail a check to LifeSpring Church, 13904 S. 36th St. Bellevue, Nebraska 68123 and mark it for Ice Cream and Answers or sojourn church.


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