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Posted: February 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

>As usual for me, we’ve gotten busy and I’ve let the blogs and e-mails slip. If you run into me in person I’ll talk your ear off about all the great things we see God doing. This week will be our fifth meeting of sojourn church. We will have a vision casting gathing where we talk about where we think God is taking us and what we can all do. I origianally wanted to start joining Sunday but we can’t yet. More details have to work out and come together.

The past weeks have been great. The worship gatherings are smooth and we create an environment for people to encounter God. Each week we’ve had 3 to 4 visitors with about 35 people in the room. We are meeting lots of people in the mall and still get to minister to them through Ice Cream and Answers.

We’ve set up sojourn as a spiritual retreat during the day. We have an area to just sit and relax, a prayer wall, and a sacred space in the back. The sacred space is set off in a corner with a Bible, some interactive worship items and instructions and a few chairs. It is designed so someone can just come in and sit and talk to God.

Once we get the manning, we’ll be able to leave sojourn open during the day and people can utilize the spiritual retreat. Right now, everytime I open the place for even 30 minutes someone comes in to talk or ask about what we are doing.

Keep praying for us.