>Great Ministry Week

Posted: March 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

>far, we’ve had an awesome week of ministry. That’s just 2 days! On Wednesday I was interviewed by Ken Brooks of KGBI. Here is the link.. www.easysite.com/sojournchurch So Go to the Audio page and click “Interview” That evening several of our regular teenagers came by for ice cream. We talked about the usual, but one of the girls began to ask more and more questions about God and supernatural things. We talked for 10 minutes about Jesus and I was able to share the Gospel during our conversation. This crowd of teens is not religious and seem to have a very “buffett” style approach to the supernatural. Yesterday, we had several conversations with believers (obviously as a result of the interview) but we also talked with several of our regulars about more direct and personal topics. Once again, these people are all non-beleivers but we can see the hand of God moving on them. One of the ladies we met at the mall came to church Sunday with her grandchildren and really like it. She said she’d return this Sunday.

We know we have to be patient. God is doing great things around us and we sometimes want it to translate into a great attendance at the worship gathering, but we have to remember that these people are coming from a totally non-churched background and “going to church” doesn’t fit in their game plan yet. We will continue to represent Jesus in the marketplace and let God do the work.

We’ve put a page on the Ice Cream and Answers web site so we can start taking donations. Click on Donations.http://www.icecreamandanswers.com/

We have our Sojourn web site up and running now, though we don’t have a domain name yet. Sojourn Church


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