Posted: March 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

>Ice Cream and Answers is still a very busy and good ministry.  We get to speak with several people each day, we have ongoing relationships with many mall employees and regular shoppers.  Being in the marketplace doing ministry is wonderful.  I have a reason to be there and people have a reason to talk with me. One behavior we notice every day is the politeness of people.  I realize that in many areas we encounter rude people, but it seems free ice cream just brings out the best.  Most people, teens especially, will ask politely and say “please.”  Once they recieve the ice cream they respond “Thank you” like it is second-nature.  Parents use this as an opportuntity to train their children and even 10 year olds respond politely without prompting.  We rarely encounter someone rude or grouchy.  It’s nice. 

So, in the daily polite encounters of the ice cream business we get to give marriage advice, we give parents tips to help them connect with their teens and children.  We help young parents with child raising ideas, give job advice, give school study tips, answer math questions and generally love people and bless them. 


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