>Worship and Ministry at Sojourn

Posted: March 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

>On average, about 35 people gather together at Sojourn each Sunday to worship God. Each week we have a few new people. Statistically we are not reaching people, however, the first few weeks we were about 50% LifeSpring people and now we are about 10 percent former LifeSpring people. Which means we’ve “reached” quite a few people so far.

We’ve put up a Sojourn Church web site; www.sojournmall.com, where we’ve posted our sermons and our schedule. We are working on a micro site with AppChurch for your iTouch and iPhone (coming soon).

Download the app here
We are reaching our “target” audience though. Most of our visitors are young (20’s) a few have NO church background at all and several have just a little church background.

We like to measure our success by how many people we can get in our buildings on Sunday morning. This is OK but doesn’t reflect the huge amount of ministry we do outside that Sunday morning hour. Each week we minister to about 25 people who stop by Ice Cream and Answers just to talk. These 25 are in various stages of belief; from atheist to postmodern. None are ready to attend church, but all like to talk with us about just about everything to include religion. If we reference the Engle Scale (google it), we know that people in this culture are starting further from Christ on the scale and it will take a little longer for them to move toward Jesus and thus to attend church. Some of these 25 have given me the opportunity to explain the Gospel and most have asked about my personal journey (testimony) with Jesus.

We are still on track with the vision God has given us. We are making changes though. The live seminars have not connected well, but the online versions have. The Game Night and Movie Nights have been a flop. We are still prepping the dodge ball room and hoping this ministry will do well. We still want to try a concert and a Friday night worship gathering. Stay tuned!


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