>Wrote a blog..didn’t post it..here it is late

Posted: March 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

>We had visitors this week. Well, we have visitors every week, but this week was different. Twenty people from western Kansas came for a visit. Chad Rhoades, Kevin McCloud and Doug Ellison brought students from their youth ministries to a conference in Des Moines, then stayed for the Sunday Worship Gathering at sojourn. It was a nice treat for us at sojourn, having 51 people in worship on Sunday. This meant 31 people from our area were there to include seven visitors.

The western Kansans, Dodge City, Liberal, and Hanston, stayed for lunch and some of the afternoon. Several of the students worked at Ice Cream and Answers, several “prayer walked” the mall, and a few vacuumed and cleaned up sojourn. We were greatly blessed by their ministry to us!

We are still connecting well with people through Ice Cream and Answers, our web site is getting numerous hits, and we are getting a great chance to minister each week in the mall. Our live seminars have not been a hit (zero attendance) and our Bible study has not been a success, but we are flexible and willing to change and make adjustments. We hope to have dodge ball going by the end of March.
We will also have our “new members class” ready soon and will have an official “membership” ceremony in April.

Please continue to pray for us.


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