>Day of Ministry

Posted: April 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

>We took meticulous notes on Wednesday. I wanted to get a good feel of what we did in a typical day. I also wanted a good record of a days ministry to send to my brother, who sent a check to cover ice cream. It’s always good to see how your giving is being used. So Wednesday, April 7, 2010 started very normal. I turned on the lights at 3:25 (early) because there was a handful of teens looking for ice cream. There were seven teens in the group, one of which was a student who has been working with me at Ice Cream and Answers. We talked briefly, I spoke politely and friendly to all the students and they went on their way.

Soon, two young men (17 years old) arrived. I recognized one from the night before (he at 23 fudge bars). We talked about his great accomplishment then began to talk about an issue he was having. His friend was also having an issue with his girlfriend. We talked about lying, breaking promises and honesty. The conversation turned to life and spiritual things and they asked specifically how to know God and how to get to heaven. I shared the Gospel. We talked about one fellows father who killed himself when the boy was 6. This was about a 30 minute conversation, totally led by the two young men. They left commenting on how they learned more in this conversation than they did all day at school.

I saw my Muslim friend and talked with him. He attended college in Turkey and studied Islamic Theology. We talked about his ministry and then I asked about Islamic End Times prophesy (I had read some stuff earlier). We talked about Islam and the return of Jesus.

A young fellow who comes regularly was in a weight lifting competition recently. He took second place; benched 265lbs and squated 460lbs. Impressive.

A lady in her mid twentys came by and asked about our concept, where the answers are from, where is this church. She read the cards and took a brochure.

Another lady came by with her brother, he got ice cream she picked up a brochure.

Two 17 year old girls hung out for about 1 hour talking about their lives, nothing serious, but this is the first time they’ve stayed to talk. They’ve been getting ice cream for a couple of weeks.

A late twenties man who has been visiting with me since the beginning dropped by. He found that his grandfather has lung cancer and asked that I pray for him.

There are these two brothers who come by regularly. One works at the mall and the other was recently let go. The brother who works there told me his other brother wanted me to call him. I called and we talked about his planned marriage. He will come by later in the week to talk.

The brother who works there stopped by and we talked about his girlfriend issues. Both brothers are friendly and likeable young men who visit with me regularly. We talk about everything and on occasions they bring up spiritual issues. I talked about Jesus with them but never walked them through a gospel presention.

Then it was 8PM and I need to close up shop. This was a great day of ministry. The next day, Thursday, only a handful of people engaged in standard friendly talk.


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