Posted: May 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

>I’m finding that my philosophies are being tested. I’ve said on numerous occasions to numerous people that you cannot measure your real success by the number of people you get in the pews at 11AM on Sunday morning. There are too many variables; people have jobs, something comes up, someone is sick, car breaks down, etc, that can cause a low turnout on Sunday morning. Plus, attendance is not a very good indicator of your mission success.

You really have to measure your success by your obedience to Christ. The results are always His responsibility. So, each and every day we must obey Christ; go where He sends, speaking and ministering as He directs. It is that easy to be successful.

However, 17 people at a Sunday worship gathering still makes you feel like you aren’t quite making it. You get the feeling that you are missing something or failing somewhere. You think and think and wonder, second guessing your decisions and even your plan. Will we even make it?

So, here we are with a little post-Sunday depression and second-guessing (most church planters go through this). We must look at God’s view rather than our own.

First, on Saturday we received confirmation of our first salvation experience through this ministry. Second, on Sunday we talked with two of our regular attendees (new folks we’ve met since we started) who both told stories of the growth in their walk with Jesus. Finally, on Sunday afternoon, while working at Ice Cream and Answers we spoke with two different men who both indicated through their conversation that God was dealing with them greatly.

We could measure our success by the 17 people who were at our Sunday morning worship gathering, or we could measure success by the five spiritual growth stories. We could just ask; am I doing as God has commanded? That’s the real success.


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