>Arts and Crafts Fair and Arkansas

Posted: June 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

>We had an awesome week, June 19 to 25.  A group from Friendship Church in Springdale, Arkansas came up to help out.  We worked Ice Cream and Answers and put on a Children’s Arts and Crafts Fair. The group was awesome and did a very good job.  Keep in mind that everything we do is new and possibly the first time it’s been done this way.  We set up several booths in sojourn; face painting, balloon animals, origami, science experiments, percussion instruments, puppet show, crafts, and couple of games.  We were open from 10 to 6PM each day and invited people to come in and engage in our booths.  The Arkansas group was very talented and friendly and were able to connect well with the people of Council Bluffs. Children would squeel with joy.  The mall was soon filled with children with cat faces, spiderman faces and balloon animals of all sorts.  By the end of the week, Friendship Church had given out over 500 ice cream cones and engaged with around 170 different people.  It was a very good and exciting week.  I’ll write more later and include pictures. 


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