>Summer Camp

Posted: June 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

>I was the camp pastor at Weir Bible Camp from June 14 to 18.  It was very fun. I preached eight times and really enjoyed myself.  The camp is in the southeast corner of Kansas.  The weather was warm and sunny with the occaisional violent rain/thunder storm.  Valerie Richardson ran a very organized and interesting camp.  The theme was “The Living Dead” and we followed a Zombish concept throughout the camp.  My part was to teach in the mornings and preach in the evenings.  We tried to make the preaching and teaching as interactive as possible and even incorporated several worship stations during the week. Eleven students had a significant encounter with Jesus Christ; salvation, rededication, or assurance of faith.  We struggle to categorize young people’s encounters with the Risen Lord and as a result we’ve come up with these three groups.  I think it is very difficult for a Junior High student to figure out the nuances of these three concepts.  The bottom line with these 11 is that they had and encounter with Jesus and decided that being a follower of Christ was better than any other option.  I’m excited that they’ve found a solid relationship with Christ! 


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