>A Really Cool Story

Posted: July 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

>Today a young girl came by Ice Cream and Answers.  I haven’t seen her since January and she has changed a little.  In January, she dressed very dark and “goth” like.  Plus she was pregnant.  We had been speaking about her life for about a month and I was encouraging her.  Life was not easy.  Today, she was all smiles with her new baby boy.  She also brought her “babydaddy” with her today. I was particularly surprised to see that her “babydaddy” was a young man I’ve also been talking to for several months about his girlfriend being pregnant.  I never considered that some of the people I talk to could be connected.  So they are doing the best two 16 year olds and a baby can.  She is living in a foster home, he is still at home with his parents (I believe I’ve even consulted with his mother), they both intend to go to school this year (their Junior year) and he has a job.  It seems they both are taking my advice and she has read the on line “How to Raise Great Children” seminar.  I’m particularly excited about this today. 


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