>Status Update

Posted: August 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

>How are we doing?

Our vision is to be an energetic and growing church through our missional mindset and by our presence and ministry in the marketplace. We set out to not be an attractional church, as in, we would not do all the church programs that churched people like so we can draw churched people to our church. We want to read the 70% of the population that is not immediately interested in church. So, we’ve designed our ministry to connect with these folks. We have made a lot of friends who fit this description, but since these people at the present time and not ready for church, they are not attending our worship gatherings. I just counted the names on my prayer list. There are 26 people who I’m praying for, who hang out with us regularly at Ice Cream and Answers and most of whom I’ve shared the Gospel. There are about 25 others whose names I don’t know but I see and talk with often. This is just the people I’m talking with often. You have your groups who you’ve connected with and are sharing your lives with. (I’ve ended many sentences with a preposition, I’m sorry).

Bottom Line: We are doing well. We are seeing our vision become real.


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