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>Dodge Ball Den

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

>Last Friday, without any other advertising, 33 people came out to play Dodge Ball.  This was in three separate groups.  Group one was a family who I met here at the mall and who are very friendly.  They brought a family they had just met and we played dodge ball for about 35 minutes.  We also talked a lot and visited together.  Then, a group of 22 high school age people came and played for about 1.5 hours.  We had a blast and were able to visit and have fun together.  This is usually the first step in a relationship her at the mall, you meet, have fun together and “break the ice” with the common experience.  Later, a family of three came by and we played dodge ball and talked.  This came to church on Sunday. 

The Dodge Ball Den is a room 50 ft by 24 ft with solid walls.  It has a drop ceiling and fire sprinklers.  We secured the sprinklers with protective covers and it seems the ceiling tiles are heavy enough to not move much when the ball hits.  So far the room has stood up well to the abuse.  We have six vinyl covered “gator balls” we bought from S&S Worldwide. There is space in the room behind a net barrier for about 10 people to stand and watch.  The net barrier was determined to be insufficient this week and we’ll have to either reinforce it or get something else. 


>September Game Plan Success!

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

>OK, not totally success.  We started the month by closing Ice Cream and Answers, but just for the month. I wanted to complete a couple of other projects and my time at the ice cream shop was preventing this.  Our first project was completing the Dodge Ball Den at Sojourn.  Barry and I installed some new floor tiles and we put up a safety net to protect the storage area and electrical panels on the wall.  Then we had the sprinkler system maintenance guys come in and install some protective covers over the fire sprinklers.  Last week I put up some signs and five college age guys came by wanting to play dodge ball. So we played for about two hours and IT WAS A BLAST!  They were excited and said they’d be back this Friday with more friends. 
I also want to get a program put together where we can help people get their GED.  I did a lot of research into the statistics for this area (15% without a high school diploma) and visited the testing center at Iowa Western Community College.  Yesterday I sat with the head of the Adult Learning Center for IWCC and we discussed my vision of helping folks.  She was excited, understood the vision, and offered a lot of help.  We’ll keep in touch with her and develop this program.  My desire is that we have the program up and running by the end of October. 
My other project is to plan and execute the Relationship Seminars.  We had zero people attend over an eight week period last November and December, but we will not give up.  I’m going to attempt a day time presentation and offer child care.  This may possibly help.  We get many hits on our web site and folks pick up our written copies of the seminars. 
In the “not-so-awesome-results” section we did a huge push to reach students at Grace University.  We did Ice Cream and Answers Remote, had a Community Meeting on campus, spoke at a chapel service, and had a booth at their SLT (Student Leadership Training) Fair.  In all this effort we added one new person to our group. Of course, this one person is pretty awesome, but I was hoping for more.  
We had a great month with our worship gatherings and small groups. We had a fellowship gathering and a lot of people came out, to include a couple I’ve become friends with her at the mall who do not attend church anywhere. 

>New Adventure

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>We are not doing Ice Cream and Answers for the month of September.  I have some projects I need to get finished and I can’t do them and run the ice cream stand at the same time.  My concern is that I’ll miss opportunities to connect with new people but the advantage is I’m free to spend more time with the folks I know. I’m spending the month more modalic than sodalic and I’m hoping it doesn’t make me crazy.  We want to accomplish several projects; prepare the Dodge Ball Den for use, begin GED Prep classes, attempt our Relationship Seminars, develop our small groups, and have a regular gathering in which we can invite all our non-churched friends. This will be a lot of work.

Yesterday a fellow came and installed protective covers over the fire sprinklers in the dodge ball room.  A couple of church members came by to help with stuff and we did some cleaning and talking; lots of talking.  It was really good for ministering to our people.  We were able to get to know one another better and pray together.  Very good for the first day of our new adventure.  We’ll see what today brings!