>Dodge Ball Den

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

>Last Friday, without any other advertising, 33 people came out to play Dodge Ball.  This was in three separate groups.  Group one was a family who I met here at the mall and who are very friendly.  They brought a family they had just met and we played dodge ball for about 35 minutes.  We also talked a lot and visited together.  Then, a group of 22 high school age people came and played for about 1.5 hours.  We had a blast and were able to visit and have fun together.  This is usually the first step in a relationship her at the mall, you meet, have fun together and “break the ice” with the common experience.  Later, a family of three came by and we played dodge ball and talked.  This came to church on Sunday. 

The Dodge Ball Den is a room 50 ft by 24 ft with solid walls.  It has a drop ceiling and fire sprinklers.  We secured the sprinklers with protective covers and it seems the ceiling tiles are heavy enough to not move much when the ball hits.  So far the room has stood up well to the abuse.  We have six vinyl covered “gator balls” we bought from S&S Worldwide. There is space in the room behind a net barrier for about 10 people to stand and watch.  The net barrier was determined to be insufficient this week and we’ll have to either reinforce it or get something else. 


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