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>A quick Update

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

>We are moving quickly into the shopping season and traffic at the mall is increasing.  Our dodge ball event is going great.  Last week we had 65 people playing and the week before we had 85.  Friday (Black Friday) should be huge again.  We have a regular crowd that has been playing for over two months.  We’ll keep you posted. 


>Friday is Dodge Ball Night. Every Friday. This was our eight week and the best so far. Mark and Steve, both new people to Sojourn and both school teachers, have been very helpful in running Dodge Ball for us. They are here each week, after spending their days with students, to spend Friday evening playing dodge ball students again. We totally appreciate these two men. This week Stephanie, one of our High School students took several flyers to here school to advertise our event. As a result, we had about 50 people come out to play dodge ball. It was both awesome and wild; very loud, very exciting, and very testosterone-driven. We were able to talk about Sojourn and Jesus with several of the students as well as just the usual relationship-building. Our room has been able to handle the abuse, but this week we hit it hard; about 20 vinyl tiles kicked up (they were old and brittle anyway), a ceiling tile destroyed, our cheap net was ripped several times (and quickly repaired with duct tape), and someone spilled perfume or an unknown fragranced liquid on the rug.
Saturday was another great day of ministry.

Sunday was awesome at our worship gathering. The band led us in some really great worship songs and we had some great times of prayer together. We started a three part series on the Gospel, this week talking about how the Gospel is effective in my life right now. Scot brought his son and the girl who wanted to bring her two friends did so. We had a good crowd and a great time together. We talked about all the ministry we have been doing and encouraged folks to come on out and be a part of it. A great eight days.

>We did regular Ice Cream and Answers the rest of the week. On Wednesday we spoke with six different people who said they would come to church. They brought it up. One did come this Sunday. This fellow, Scott, works at the mall with me and we talk a lot. He came on October 31 and really liked us. Scott has been talking us up with everyone at the mall. We were able to talk about life and death with a lady on Wednesday. The rest of the week I visited with two young ladies from Iowa Western Community College who have been visiting at Sojourn. They told me of a couple of friends of theirs who they really wanted to come to church. We ministered to a few people on a real personal level; discussing personal finances, child raising, and getting along with a boyfriend. A friend I had not seen in several months came by with his girlfriend and children and we talked for while catching up. A very amazing week of ministry.

>      What an amazing week! Let me give you the great details chronologically. Last Sunday we had a wonderful worship time at sojourn with about 35 of us worshipping together. Right after worship we stayed at Sojourn for lunch. We all brought in hotdogs and drinks and ate and fellowshipped for about an hour and a half. It was very good and fun. The mall was having their annual “Spooktacular” event from 3.30PM to 5PM with kids doing their “trick or treating” at the mall. We participated at Sojourn and at Ice Cream and Answers. At Ice Cream and Answers we ordered 17 cases of ice cream and at Sojourn we had about 30lbs of candy. At 3PM the crowds began to arrive with kids of all ages dressed up like werewolves and Spongebob and vikings. We think about 1200 people were here of which they all visited us at Ice Cream and Answers (we gave away about 900 ice cream bars). Then this same group came down to Sojourn where we had the band playing some of their best worship songs, several of our “worship stations” set up as displays and many of my fellow sojourners greeting people and giving away candy. It was an amazing day. On top of all this, we had two special visitors; a NAMB missionary from Virginia (Daniel Bannister) and a IMB missionary from India (Albert Garrou). Both missionaries had lunch with us and stayed all afternoon and worked Ice Cream and Answers with us. Daniel was extra valuable to us in that he speaks Spanish. (His church plant is among Spanish-speaking people in Virginia). We have many Spanish-speaking customers here and I’ve not been able to connect with them well. Daniel was able to do this very well. We ended the day worshipping with Ridgecrest Church. It was very amazing. Technically, we could claim 1200 visitors to Sojourn on Sunday, but they didn’t fill out visitor cards.