>First Year Anniversary

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

>January 16, 2011 we marked out first anniversary as sojourn church.  It was a great day with a special worship time, testimonies, and a great fellowship meal.  We crunched a bunch of numbers for the year. We sometimes forget all that God does.  The “little things” always add up.  Remember, God is always at work and we are invited to join Him.  This past year we…
1) had over 400 conversations with people about issues in their lives.  We were able to minister, pray and/or share biblical advice with them.
2) shared the Gospel with over 70 people at Ice Cream and Answers
3) had 3000 + hits on our Ice Cream and Answers web site
4) had 2100 + hits on our Sojourn Church web site
5) hosted a mission team from Friendship Church of Springdale, Arkansas who led an Arts and Crafts Fair with over 170 visitors
6) Started a dodge ball ministry.  We play dodge ball in our large back room (50 x 24) in the Mall.  Before each match we pray and repeat the Dodge Ball Den Code of Conduct.  Last week we had 150 people come out to play.
7) Began taking care of our own budgeting and finance.  Created a budget, stuck to it, managed our money well.  

There were 37 people at last week’s worship gathering.  We baptized one person this year.  We regularly minister to about 50 people.  We have a good reputation in the mall and we have done some really good ministry.  


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