>Ta Daa!

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

>Our weekly gathering finally topped 40 people!  In fact, on Sunday, 44 people gathered for worship at Sojourn Church in the Mall of the Bluffs.  Of these, 44, two left early because of sickness and one only stayed for about 10 minutes, but we still broke 40.  I’m excited.  Of those attending, about half were regular attenders, five were first time visitors and the rest were either really new or slightly irregular attenders.  Out of this crowd, six are definitely non-believers and are “checking out” Jesus very regularly.

Our worship gathering was rather routine.  We began with the three-piece band leading us in “Great is Our God” as the group gathered together in the worship area.  BTW – our young college senior Worship Leader is doing a fantastic job and really stepped out yesterday in leading the people to a definite worship experience with music. We briefly wandered around the crowd talking with people and doing a little fellowship before the band led us in two more songs.  The group broke into smaller groups to pray together and some went to the Prayer Wall (a whiteboard where people write their prayer requests).  After the band lead us in “All Who are Thirsty” I spoke from Matthew 11:28-30 where we talked about Jesus’ yoke which is essentially, Love God and Love One Another.  We concluded with “How Great is Our God.”  

It was a good time of fellowship and worship and many stayed later to hang out and talk.  It is encouraging to see God working in folk’s lives like this and I’m praying for some to become believers and others to make gathering together with the believers a regular thing in their lives.


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