Making our Job Easier

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Church Planting at Sojourn
walking man too

Yesterday a young man came up to Ice Cream and Answers.  I was engaged in a conversation with a fellow about his new job and our dodge ball program.  Amanda (one of our summer missionaries) was handing out ice cream and the young fellow spoke with her.  Here is Amanda’s account of the story.  The guy actually came right up and said, “I think I need to pray and ask Jesus to be my Savior.” How often does that happen?! I was so excited. 

In talking to him, I found out that he had prayed at a  Billy Graham conference before, but started to fall away from God when some of his friends and family died. I questioned him about the Gospel and stuff (to see what he knew). I asked him what he thought of Jesus and he said that he believed He had come down to earth and died on the cross. And then I recapped WHY Jesus had to die (to be sure he understood).
Then I explained how once you’ve truly accepted Christ, you can never lose your salvation. But I said that it was GREAT that he wanted to recommit his life to the Lord (a term he had actually used himself earlier in the conversation). And I gave him some steps on how to get back in an active relationship with God. In the end, I ended up praying for the guy aloud. Right there in the mall. 
The fellow then left as abruptly as he arrived.


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