5 Unconventional Ministry Methods by Amanda Brogan

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Evangelism

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Everyone loves originality. People are naturally attracted to new ideas and fresh methods of achieving an age-old goal. For Christ-followers, this translates into discovering innovative methods of evangelizing. God has given us all different talents, different visions, and different people that we best relate/minister to.

This summer, I’ve had the tremendous blessing of experiencing ministry in an unconventional setting. A church in the mall … giving out free ice cream to anyone who asks. How often does that happen?

My time at Sojourn Church has been refreshing in that it’s cemented certain ministry truths and methods within me that, at times, seem to buck against traditional “churchy” evangelism. Let me share a few with you.

1. Numbers don’t matter.

Okay, not everyone gets extremely hung up on numbers. (i.e. How many people were in church on Sunday, how many people have accepted Christ this year, etc.) But too often it does become a misleading gauge of success. Minimal decisions for Christ don’t necessarily constitute failure in ministry, nor do phenomenal attendance numbers equal real spiritual growth. One truly sincere decision to follow Christ is more valuable in God’s eyes than a thousand fakers.

2. Let them ask you – it’s fun.

We sometimes get the idea that in order to evangelize we need to knock on doors and comb the streets, passing out Gospel tracts to every random person we see. While tracts can be quite handy in their own proper setting, they’re not very profitable in everyday conversations. If you simply live out the qualities that Jesus promises to produce in all His followers (love, joy, peace, patience …), you’re sure to get questions on why you live the way you do. Just live honestly in your faith and someone will eventually ask you what’s up.

3. Listen.

Everyone needs a listening ear. Especially if they’re going through some rough stuff in their life. Don’t try to fix them constantly. Let them talk, ask them questions about themselves, and be available to hear their story.

4. Don’t push.

Nobody likes pressure. If an unbeliever feels that we’re “pushing our religion” on them, they’ll shut down. We should be bold and open with our faith, but it should also come across naturally. Don’t deliberately shine the Light in its full force on those who may need to gradually break out of their darkness.

5. Be their friend.

In the end, it all comes down to building relationships. Gain an unbeliever’s trust. Show them that you genuinely care about them and what’s going on in their life. Be gentle, be kind, be patient, be the fun buddy that they know they can go to. Let God create a friendship that may help lead someone on the narrow road to Heaven.

So there ya have it. Just a few things one should never forget when it comes to ministering to the lost.


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