5 Lessons in Becoming a Healthier Me by April Smith

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Uncategorized


1. Love The Lord Your God with all your heart soul, mind and strength
Many times especially in the Christian realm were told if you want to love God than you must love with Him with your heart soul mind and strenght. However somehow no one really emphasised the word ” You” It wasn’t till my junior year of college I heard that message” You” love the Lord your God with all your heart soul mind and strenght Therefore leaving the Spring semester that was the message I heard God expressing that He wanted me and not the trival factors.

2. Acceptance of the fact God really loved me.
Therefore hearing that message I realized I hadn’t really heard it because of my past with broken relationships so this brought in blocks of shame and trust. And even though I had accepted Christ at early age I needed to to hear these two key points that I have spoken about because I believe that if I understand these two than I’m able to process these things as an individual.

3. If these God loves me and wants me , than whats the application?
Being able to process these these step was the next important thing which leads me to where God has been building that now that I’ve heard it how will I accept. So in the season I am in now being where I am this summer was actually what I needed though I didn’t see it because I was so use to busy routine that I forgot that it’s ok to be selfish. I’m not talking about the prideful selfish but accepting that God can take who I am molding it into something greater and thats enough. Therefore I decided to make goals.

4. So Translate Please
Therefore because I’m aware of these areas and applications need to take place it’s helped me to see that goals are more important than we realize. So for the first time my heart began to beat with a wake up call don’t just pencil it but pen it. And He did that by putting me in a host home where I saw one of girls leave her goals around to encourage herself.I needed that because I needed to be aware this is true for me also that I have the head knowledge as well but now I need to translate in to my life.

5. Take It Home
So because of these messages it’s taught me that sometimes the biggest message we need to hear is soul care. And to not get so caught up in the field. And therefore in these 5 points I’ve realized that I am somebody. Therefore that’s my prayer and it’s allowed me to see that if I want to care for others I have to love me than as I appreciate who God made me I’m able over flow what He puts in me.


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