Daily Application of the Journey

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Church Planting at Sojourn


This is a note of encouragement.  We are doing well growing as a church. If there is “metrics” for church growth, we can say that we are right on track.  Most church starters I know are not as far along as we are at this point in the life of their new church.

Let’s remember what we are doing.  We are the children of God on a daily, interactive life-changing journey with Jesus.  As such, we are on a journey, discovering Jesus and becoming more like Him.  Your day-to-day activity should be centered around this journey.  I know you are going to work and taking care of the daily grind of life, but on your way, you are reading the Bible, praying, listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and obeying God.  As I said earlier in the week, here is a list of what this looks like, sort of.

What do you need to do this week?

1)      Continue your spiritual growth in Christ.  Pray and read the Bible.

2)      Contact people who have visited sojourn or have shown interest and reinvite them.

3)      Take every opportunity to minister to people.

  1. Pray for them (our prayer worship station Sunday was really great)
  2. Be a warm, accepting and loving face for them to talk
  3. Help someone.
  4. Talk about Jesus with someone.

This journey also involves inviting others to join us along the way.  God brings you in contact with people each day who He is working on and drawing to Himself.  Listen to the Spirit’s leading and engage these people in a conversation.  Invite them to join us.

Now, in practical behavior, let me tell you that any church plant is successful when people meet together for worship, prayer and Bible study.  We want to meet together often.  In our eyes we see growth and “success” in that we are meeting together with new people joining us.

So, make it a point to meet with the body of Christ on Sunday mornings at 10.30 and on Wednesday evenings at 7.30.  Make an attempt often to bring new people to these gathering times.  This is the hard part of a church plant; the gathering and meeting. It is work and often filled with disappointment.  Let’s work through it as we are doing God’s work and living in obedience.  Just keep on.  Don’t give up doing good.

Bottom line:  Church Plant, personal journey with Jesus, invite others along with you, meet together often at sojourn.


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