The Heat Completes

Posted: December 6, 2011 in Discipleship
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The Heat Completes

Drama and more drama.  The biblical letter from James tells us to consider it nothing but joy when we fall into various troubling situations. Why?  Because the trying of our faith develops perseverance which then produces Spiritual Maturity.  James uses words that describe this “trying” as heating metal to burn off the impurities and to prove that it is pure.


The “heat” in our life (the drama, trials, tribulations, problems, and issues) leads to our maturity or completeness.  The Heat Completes.

My tendency is to whine and complain as soon as a new situation comes up.  I get the pouch-mouth,; my lower lip sticks out of my frown, my eyes are sullen, and I don’t want to talk to anyone.  I want to pout and feel sorry for myself.  After several hours of this childish behavior I’m finally able to to realize that this is not the way a man of faith should be acting and i realize that God can’t work anything into my life when I’m so busy tripping on my lip.  James tells us to thoughtfully consider that the heat completes and to go with it.  Instead of whining and crying, instead of “woe is me” let’s embrace the drama, turn to God for direction and wisdom and let God work through the situation to mature us; to make us a little more like Jesus.

1) Recognize that God really does work all things for good for those who love Him (Romans 8:28).

2) Outline the problem to God in prayer (Philippians 4:6)

3) Ask God for Wisdom (James 1:5).

4) Make decisions based on the guidance of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:14)

5) Enjoy the ride. (James 1:2)


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