Easter Will Be A Little Different

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Evangelism, Worship Stations


Sojourn is doing something different!  This week for Easter we will model our worship gathering after what we beleive to be the way the early believers met in the temple.  (modified for us, of course).  We will still sing, pray, preach, and fellowship, it will just be a little more fluid and open.  Image the room set up with the fellowship area with food, the museum of church stuff, the offering area, the be-still-and-know-that-I-am God area, the prayer wall  and several worship stations.  You’ll simply visit the various areas at your own speed, with or without someone, you’ll worship and connect with God in the various stations throughout the hour, however, we’ll interrupt this by calling everyone together at different times for worship through singing, praying together, reading the Word of God, and preaching.  It willl feel like a church-worship-gathering-open-house. We will have an instruction sheet
I think it will be an amazing time of worship together and a great opportunity to bring along a non-believer or young believer with you.  You’ll be able to act like a tour guide and do some discipling and gospel sharing.


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