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I just preached the worse sermon ever. You know what I mean.  It was too long, rambling, unimaginative, empty of substance, uncreative, poorly delivered and boring.  I didn’t grasp the extent of my failure until well into the sermon when it was just painfully obvious to me that there wasn’t anything there.  I couldn’t get the point out.  I couldn’t get the illustrations to say or mean what I wanted.  It left my lips and took a slow spiral noise dive into the floor. 

Now I need therapy for this disaster, but we’ll have to settle for a “lessons learned” blog. 

1. ) My ego was the main casualty in this disaster.  I couldn’t wait to get out of there.  It was embarrassing. I made some apologies for taking too long.  I said a few “fishing” remarks about my poor performance and I left.  My pain was caused mainly by the embarrassment of how poorly I did.  I was concerned about what people thought of me.  I was frustrated at my poor sermon because my ego was hurt, not because I wasted the time of 60 or so people, or because I had the chance to share the Gospel with these people and failed.  Nope, I was irritated that they wouldn’t realize my awesomeness.


2) The sermon was bad because I didn’t put enough time and prayer into it. Fill in excuses here.  Whatever problems I have with time management and priorities need to get resolved.  When we rack and stack all our church duties we need to put the priority on prayer and the ministry of the word.  All the other important duties need to take a back seat or get delegated.  If you are ever going to prepare a good sermon you need to start with prayer and a good bible study.  Then you need to pray some more and let God give you a decent outline.  Once God has given you His message, you need to practice your delivery a few times before you stand in front of a crowd.  If God’s method of getting the Gospel out is through preaching (Romans 10:14) then we ought to get good at preaching.


3) The truth is that God doesn’t need me to be awesome, He needs me to be obedient and get out of His way.  I was in a hurry. I was over-scheduled and didn’t realize it or thought too highly of my self to realize the depth of my impending failure.  So I quickly strung together some thoughts and a short outline.  I tossed in a couple of illustrations and ran off.  I wasn’t out wasting my time or playing. I just didn’t put enough time into a very important opportunity to share the Gospel with people.  I  think deep down that I’m awesome enough to pull this off and I let that get in God’s way.  Next time I’ll relax and focus on God and let Him tell me what to say and do.  Let this be a lesson to me.